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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who is the Tax Collector? What is their contact info?

What are the Real Estate Taxes?

What if I need a Municipal Lien letter?

What if my property has Current/ Delinquent Sewer Charges?

What if my property has Delinquent Borough/Township/City Tax?

What if my property has Delinquent School Tax?

Where can I find a recycle container?

 Tax Collector: Judith Raisley , P.O. Box 486, Prospect, PA 16052, 724-865-2535

 Hours for Real Estate and Per Cap Tax Collection:

Discount Hours Only  -  August and September

Monday 1-7pm

Thursday 3-7pm

Other times by appointment or drop box beside office door.


 Real Estate Taxes:

Land & Buildings: 7.5Mil (calendar)

School: 87.5

Wage Taxes: 1%

Deed Transfer (local): 0.5%


 Municipal Lien Letter

Contact: Judy Stoops - Secretary/Assistant Treasurer or Terry Beck- Treasurer/Assistant Secretary - 724-865-3010


- Delinquent Borough/Township/City Tax

- Delinquent School Tax

 Contact: Judith Raisley, 724-865-2535


 Recyclable Container: Fee $5.00

Contact: Borough Secretary, 724-865-3010


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