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Would you like to include your Prospect Borough event on this calendar?
Please contact Prospect Borough Secretary with the following information:

What  - what is the event?
Where - where is the event being held?
When - please be sure to list days, times, etc. so people know when to show up!
Contact Information - who should they contact if they have questions?
Please include name, phone number and/or email address.

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Upcoming Events for 2018

Date/Timeframe Event Name Details/Download Info
2017-2018 (all year) Prospect MomsNext Meetings click here for details
Once a month Hazardous Waste Disposal - Ash Stop Road, Evans City click here for details


How do I use this calendar?

You can see MANY THINGS with this calendar!

1. If you can to see the details of an event, hover your mouse over the event to see more details or click on the "more details" link.

2. In the upper left hand corner of the calendar, you can:
a. click on the "Today" button to see an expanded view of today's events.
b. click on the blue arrow buttons to go back and forward in months of the year.
c. Click on the name of the month, to see a drop down list of months of the year.

3. In the upper right hand corner of the calendar, you can:
a. click on the "print" button to print the calendar to your personal printer.
b. click on the "Week" tab to see only a week's view of the calendar.
c. click on the "Month" tab to view the entire month at a time.

Please email me if you have any questions!



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